Pathology of primary tumors and pseudotumors of the pleura

Revue de Pneumologique Clinique. 2006 Apr;62(2):80-6. [Link]

Salameire D, Laverriere MH, Ferretti G, Brichon PY, Lantuejoul S.

Departement de Pathologie, CHU A.-Michallon, BP 217, 38043 Grenoble Cedex.


Primary tumors are relatively rare in the pleura. Histological types include mesothelioma, epitheliod, biphasic or sarcomatoid tumors as well as primary lymphoma and mesenchymatous tumors which include solitary fibrous tumor, epithelioid hemangioendothelioma and angiosarcoma and synovialosarcoma. We detail here the new WHO classification 2004 explaining the different entities, excluding metastatic tumors which are the most frequent tumors of the pleura.