Tuberkuloz ve Toraks. 2008 Apr;56(2):197-200. [Link]

Yildirim H, Metıntaş M, Ak G, Dündar E, Ergınel S.

Department of Chest Diseases, Faculty of Medicine, Osmangazi University, EskiÅŸehir, Turkey.


Almost all cancers can cause distant pleural metastases. However, pleural metastases of soft tissue sarcoma that constitute less than 1% of adult solid malignancy are extremely rare. It is very difficult to distinguish them form sarcomatous malignant mesothelioma on histopathological features. We report a 57 year-old man who presented to us with left chest pain and progressive dyspnea and was diagnosed to have a pleural metastases of soft tissue sarcoma by thoracoscopic biopsy.