Inmunohistochemistry and surgical approaches in solitary fibrous tumor of the pleura

Cirugía española. 2007 Mar;81(3):155-8. [Link]

Martínez Martínez P, Moldes Rodríguez M, Moreno Mata N, Simón Adiego C, Cebollero Presmanes M, González Aragoneses F.

Servicio de Cirugía Torácica, Hospital General Universitario Gregorio Marañón, Madrid, España.


Solitary fibrous tumor of the pleura (SFTP) is a rare, benign, slow-growing neoplasm that arises from the submesothelial cells of the pleura. Usually, resection of the tumor and adjacent structures are sufficient for resolution. Nowadays, videothoracoscopy (VTC) allows adequate access for the surgical treatment of these tumors. CD34 antigen positivity is a differential feature with mesothelioma. We present our experience with 15 patients with SFTP (nine women and six men) who underwent surgical resection in the last 12 years (10 thoracotomies, one sternotomy and four VTC). Only four patients were symptomatic at diagnosis. In our opinion, VTC is a less invasive diagnostic and therapeutic approach than thoracotomy that provides an adequate approach for the resection of SFTP in selected patients. Because of the malignant potential of this tumor, long-term follow-up is mandatory.

Keywords: Videothoracoscopy. Benign mesothelioma. Localized fibrous tumor of the pleura. CD34 Antigen.