Global mesothelioma epidemic: Trend and features

Indian Journal of Occupational Environmental Medicine 2014 May [Link]

Bianchi C, Bianchi T.



Mesothelioma incidence has taken epidemic proportions in various countries. The trend of the epidemic remains undefined.


To collect the most recent available data on mesothelioma incidence in order to determine the present trend of the epidemic.

Materials and Methods

Data of the Cancer and Mesothelioma Registries have been reviewed. In addition, numerous researchers were contacted to obtain supplementary information.


The highest incidence rates are reported from some countries in Europe (United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Malta, Belgium), and in Oceania (Australia, New Zealand). Relatively low incidence/mortality rates are reported from Japan and from Central Europe. In many countries a trend to increase continues to be observed. Data are not available for the mostly populous countries.


Mesothelioma epidemic does not show signs of attenuation. The lack of data for a large majority of the world does not allow that the consciousness of the risks related to asbestos exposure is reached.