Clinical aspects of asbestos-related diseases-what are the unresolved topics?

Journal of Occupational Environmental Medicine. 2014 October. Link

Banks DE.



Despite awareness of the health risks associated with asbestos fiber inhalation and the decline in U.S. utilization (about 0.1% of the yearly peak amount), illnesses associated with exposure persist. Those with disease typically describe excessive exposures in the remote past, yet excessive exposures can occur today, most likely related to careless asbestos abatement procedures. The intent is to address unanswered questions associated with asbestos exposure.


The author summarizes clinical information addressing the case definition of asbestosis, the world-wide rate of mesothelioma, and clinical follow-up for those with exposure.


The author describes information relevant to issues which remain unresolved.


Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, even though there have been a great number of manuscripts reporting on the health risks of asbestos exposure, there remain unanswered questions regarding the pathogenesis of this disease.