What are the current best immunohistochemical markers for the diagnosis of epithelioid mesothelioma? A review and update

Human Pathology. 2006 Oct 20; [Epub ahead of print] [Link]

Nelson G. Ordóñez MDa

aThe University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX 77030, USA

Received 4 May 2006;  revised 14 August 2006;  accepted 18 August 2006.  Available online 23 October 2006.


Numerous immunohistochemical markers that can assist in the diagnosis of epithelioid mesotheliomas, some of which have only recently been recognized, are currently available. Because the various types of carcinomas express these markers differently, their selection for inclusion in a diagnostic panel can vary according to the differential diagnosis. This article provides a critical review of all of the information that is presently available on those markers that are believed to have the greatest potential for assisting in distinguishing between epithelioid mesotheliomas and those carcinomas with which they are most likely to be confused. Information is also provided regarding the panels of immunohistochemical markers that are, at present, recommended in these differential diagnoses.

Keywords: Carcinoma; Mesothelioma; Immunohistochemistry