Malignant pleural mesothelioma with scalp, cerebellar, and finger metastases: a rare case

Southern Medical Journal. 100(1):63-65, January 2007. [Link]

Kanbay, Asiye MD; Oguzulgen, Kivilcim Ipek Ass. Prof; Ozturk, Can Prof; Memis, Leyla Prof; Demircan, Sedat Ass. Prof; Kurkcuoglu, Can MD; Akyurek, Nalan MD; Kurul, Cuneyt MD


Malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM) is a rare and asbestosis-associated tumor. MPM commonly invades locally, mostly in the lung, heart, pericardium, chest wall, and vertebrae. Distant metastasis of MPM is very rare. Here we report a patient with MPM who presented with multiple unusual distant metastases. The patient’s thorax tomography demonstrated right-sided, irregularly-thickened pleura with nodular masses and invasion of the chest wall into the subcutaneous area. The patient underwent biopsy for a subcutaneous mass in the right anterior chest wall. Pathologic examination revealed a malignant mesenchymal tumor. During follow-up, he suffered from a painful nodule on the scalp and nodules on the fingers, as well as weakness in his right arm. Cranial magnetic resonance imaging illustrated a 1 cm nodule in the left cerebellar hemisphere. Histopathologic examination of the biopsy from the nodule on the scalp revealed a typical mixed type of MPM, with calretinin, vimentin and creatine 5/6 positivity. Distant metastases can be seen in MPM and a biopsy of metastatic regions can yield the diagnosis.