Asbestos exposure, legislation and diseases in the Czech Republic

Central European Journal of Public Health. 2007 Sep;15(3):99-102. [Link]

Pelclová D, Fenclová Z, Urban P.

Department of Occupational Medicine, Charles University, Prague.


Asbestos manufacturing has been banned in the Czech Republic; however, about 280 workers in the 2nd-4th work category have been exposed during the remediation of asbestos, and the health consequences of the former use of asbestos will be apparent for many years. The incidence of mesothelioma in the Czech Republic is about 0.5/100,000 inhabitants, which places it among the lowest incidences of mesothelioma in Europe, and ranks the Czech Republic among the countries with the lowest rates in the world. The proportion of occupational mesotheliomas is only about one-tenth of these malignancies. These data show an underreporting of occupational cancers, most probably due to low awareness of the association of exposures more than 40 years ago with this disease. Physicians should focus more on the occupational history of these patients and refer them to the Departments of occupational diseases. Benefits are available for all patients with mesothelioma, in whom industrial hygienists confirm former exposure to asbestos, corresponding to the latency period.