Primary pleural thymoma with coexistent incidental small hepatocellular carcinoma – An autopsy case report with brief review of literature

Pathology – Research and Practice. Volume 203, Issue 12, 10 December 2007, Pages 885-889 [Link]

Manipadam MT, Mistry YM, Ramakrishna B.

Department of General Pathology, Christian Medical College, Vellore 632004, Tamil Nadu, India.


Primary pleural thymomas are rare tumors often mistaken for malignant mesothelioma clinically and radiologically. An autopsy case report of primary pleural thymoma associated with a coincidental small hepatocellular carcinoma is presented. This case is reported because of the rarity of pleural thymoma and the coincidental finding of a small hepatocellular carcinoma in a non-cirrhotic background. The literature on these two tumors has been reviewed.

Keywords: Pleural thymoma; Small hepatocellular carcinoma