Multiple intracranial metastases from postoperative giant sarcomatoid malignant pleural mesothelioma: A case report and literature review

Molecular and Clinical Oncology 2018 January [Epub 2017 November 8] [Link]

Tian D, Wen H, Brown HE, Wang X, Zhang L, Fu M


Sarcomatoid malignant pleural mesothelioma (SMPM) is a rare tumor with poor response to treatment and a dismal prognosis. Distant metastases are not uncommon and usually appear at the late stages of the disease. However, cerebral metastases have rarely been documented. We herein report a case of a giant sarcomatoid carcinoma of the pleura in a 41-year-old male patient with no history of exposure to asbestos, who presented with a chief complaint of left-sided chest pain for 1 month. Extrapleural pneumonectomy and rib excision were performed. At 5 months after the surgery, the patient was diagnosed with multiple intracranial metastatic neoplasms and succumbed to the disease soon thereafter. The aim of the present case report was to emphasize this rare metastatic pattern and aggressive clinical course of SMPM, with a supplementary review of the previously published literature.