Mortality among workers in a cigarette factory in Lucca (Tuscany)

Epidemiologia e Prevenzione. 2005 Sep-Dec;29(5-6):271-7. [Link]

Parducci DA, Puccetti M, Bianchi Martini L, Roselli MG, Vaghetti E, Settimi L, Orsi D, Battista G.

UO Igiene e salute nei luoghi di lavoro, USL 2, Lucca.


Aim of the present cohort study was to evaluate the mortality pattern among workers in a cigar and cigarette factory in Lucca, Italy. The study followed 2341 workers (1585 women and 756 men) registered in the company payrolls and employed for at least six months from 1 January 1960 through 1 January 1994. Follow-up was between the start of employment in the factory and 1 June 2002 (totally 74363,5 person-years). For both sexes, all-causes mortality was lower than expected (men: SMR= 0.8; CI95% 0.7-0.9; 158 deaths; women: SMR= 0.9; CI95% 0.8-1.0; 584 deaths) and no excess of mortality was reported for all malignant neoplasms. Among female workers, the frequency of deaths from pleural cancer was elevated at a statistically significant level (SMR= 6.0; CI95% 2.4-12.6; 5 deaths). One death for pleural cancer also occurred among men versus 0.4 expected. All women deceased from pleural cancer had been working in tobacco manufacturing for at least 30 years. The excess of pleural neoplasms reported in this study suggests the opportunity to evaluate the risk due to asbestos use in many manifacturing industries, especially where steam was used for extractive or warming purpose.