Mesothelioma after lung transplantation

Thorax. 2006 Oct;61(10):916-7. [Link]

P N Chhajed1, L Bubendorf1, H Hirsch1, A Boehler2, W Weder2 and M Tamm1

1 Pulmonary Medicine, University Hospital Basel, Switzerland
2 Lung Transplant Program, University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland


The case history is presented of a lung transplant recipient who developed malignant mesothelioma. This is thought to be the first such report. Mesothelioma should be suspected in lung transplant recipients with a haemorrhagic pleural effusion in the native lung when there is no convincing evidence for bronchogenic carcinoma or post transplant lymphoproliferative disease, even in the absence of exposure to asbestos.