Vnitrni lekarstvi 2018 [Link]

Kolek V.


Malign pleural mesothelioma is the most frequent primary tumor of the pleura of high aggressiveness. Its most frequent cause is contact with asbestos and, although working with asbestos is already prohibited in developed countries, its incidence is on the increase so far. Diagnostics primarily considers anamnesis, clinical symptoms and immunohistochemical examination of a tumor sample. The basic therapy used over the past 10 years is chemotherapy with cisplatin – pemetrexed combinations. Numerous studies are going on with a different biologically targeted therapy, immunotherapy and other drugs which may improve patients prognosis. The surgical approach is limited by a suitable choice of patients and sufficient experience of the medical center. Extrapleural pneumonectomy or extended pleurectomy are performed. However even the combined therapy with adjuvant or neoadjuvant chemotherapy or radiotherapy has not considerably extended survival.Key words: diagnostics – epidemiology – malign pleural mesothelioma – therapy.