[In Process Citation] (Health among mechanics exposed to asbestos and SV40-contaminated polio vaccines)

Giornale Italiano di Medicina del Lavoro ed Ergonomia. 2006 Apr-Jun;28(2):168-9. [Link]

Poti S, Bellomo RK, Di Pierri C, L’Abbate N.

Ospedale Principale Marina Militare Taranto.


Pleural and pulmonary malignancies are usually associated with previous asbestos exposure and the presence of simian virus 40 (SV40) has been detected in these neoplasms. Our study aimed to investigate the health situation among mechanics servicing buses, ex-exposed to asbestos, who received polio vaccines contaminated by SV 40. We conducted a descriptive study and so we recruited, on the basis of birth date and duration in the current job, 39 mechanics, born since 1950 until 1965, with length of service above 15 years. Of all subjects a clinical examination, a lung function test and a chest radiograph were obtained. More than 30% of sample showed pharynx and larynx clinical alterations and radiological signs of previous exposure to asbestos. We didn’t find pleural or pulmonary malignancies; besides 4 doubtful neoplasms required further investigations. Although exiguity of sample, these findings provide a lack of mesothelioma and lung cancer among mechanics, previously exposed to asbestos and infected by SV40.