Cancer Science 2019 March 19 [Link]

Hino O, Abe M, Han B, Yan Y


Primarily caused by exposure to asbestos, mesothelioma is a typical occupational disease. The latency of mesothelioma is as long as 20-40 years, and the cancer initially progresses mainly along the surfaces of pleura or peritoneum without forming masses. Since the symptoms won’t develop until late stages, it has been challenging to diagnose this disease in its early stages and to perform complete surgical removal. In responding to Japan’s asbestos crisis in the mid-2000s, we’ve developed and improved ERC/MSLN-based serum and radiological markers and pioneered the use of an N-ERC ELISA kit for screening populations at risk for asbestos exposures. In this paper, we’ll review our research toward early diagnosis of asbestos-related mesothelioma before symptoms develop and share our clinical experience of screening, diagnosing and monitoring of this disease. This paper is dedicated to the author (Dr. Okio Hino) to commemorate the honor bestowed upon him as the recipient of the Mataro Nagayo Prize in 2018.