Follow-Up of the Libby, Montana Screening Cohort: A 17-Year Mortality Study.

Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine 2019 November 8 [Link]

Larson TC, Williamson L, Antao VC



To evaluate mortality patterns among participants in a community-based screening program for asbestos-related disease.


We calculated standardized mortality ratios (SMRs) and stratified results by exposure group (three occupational exposure groups, household contacts and residents without occupational asbestos exposure) and by radiographic abnormality presence.


All-cause mortality (15.8%; 1,429/8,043) was statistically lower than expected. Asbestosis was statistically elevated in all exposure groups. Lung cancer was moderately associated with vermiculite miner/miller employment. Mesothelioma was elevated in that same exposure group and among residents. Systemic autoimmune disease mortality was also elevated. Radiographic parenchymal abnormalities were associated with lung cancer mortality.


In addition to asbestos-related mortality in occupational exposure groups, this initial mortality follow-up of this cohort also shows elevated mortality for some asbestos-related causes in non-occupational exposure groups.