Expression of TILs and Patterns of Gene Expression from Paired Samples of Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma (MPM) Patients

Cancers 2023 July 14 [Link]

Susana Cedres, Garazi Serna, Alberto Gonzalez-Medina, Augusto Valdivia, Juan David Assaf-Pastrana, Patricia Iranzo, Ana Callejo, Nuria Pardo, Alejandro Navarro, Alex Martinez-Marti, Ilaria Priano, Roberta Fasani, Xavier Guardia, Javier Gonzalo, Caterina Carbonell, Joan Frigola, Ramon Amat, Victor Navarro, Rodrigo Dienstmann, Ana Vivancos, Paolo Nuciforo, Enriqueta Felip


MPM is an aggressive disease with an immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment, and interest in exploring immunotherapy in this disease has been increasing. In the first line of treatment, the combination of nivolumab and ipilimumab demonstrated an improvement in survival over chemotherapy. The presence of TILs has been recognized as a marker of antitumor immune response to chemotherapy in solid tumors. The aim of our study is to identify the effect of treatment on immune cells and the immune gene profile in MPM. We investigated the changes in expression of TILs in 10 human MPM paired tumor tissues using immunohistochemistry and gene expression analysis from paired untreated and treated samples. In this small series, we demonstrated that during the evolution of disease without any treatment there was an increase in the inflammatory component in tumor samples. After systemic treatment there was a decrease in the number of TILs. We observed that after systemic treatment or disease progression immune gene signatures were suppressed. Our integrated analysis of paired samples with immune profile and genomic changes on MPM suggested that during the evolution of the disease the immune system tends to switch, turning off with treatment.