Video-assisted diagnostic thoracoscopy

Der Chirurg. 2006 Nov;77(11):998-1006. [Link]

Bergmann T, Bolukbas S, Beqiri S, Schirren J.

Klinik fur Thoraxchirurgie, Dr-Horst-Schmidt-Kliniken, Ludwig-Erhardt-Str. 100, 65199 , Wiesbaden,


Modern radiologic diagnostics show a variety of pathological changes in the mediastinum, pleura, and lung but no evidence on their histogenesis. Transbronchial and transthoracal fine-needle aspiration biopsy usually cannot yield detailed diagnostic results because of its small size. Sufficient and representative material can be obtained by thoracoscopy. Video-assisted thoracoscopy allows safe and fast diagnosis of diffuse lung diseases, pleural diseases including malignant mesothelioma, indeterminate peripheral lung nodule, and mediastinal masses. This gentle diagnostic method can give invaluable information guiding further management of the thoracic injury. Video-assisted thoracoscopy is a safe and effective guiding tool if performed by experienced thoracic surgeons able to convert to thoracotomy. It is to be noted that interpretation of intraoperative findings plays a decisive role in interdisciplinary diagnostics of intrathoracal diseases.