Expert Review of Anticancer Therapy. 2008 Sep;8(9):1461-70. [Link]

Rana S, Maples PB, Senzer N, Nemunaitis J.

Gradalis, Inc., 2545 Golden Bear Drive, Suite 110, Carrollton, TX 75006, USA.


Stathmin 1 (STMN1), also known as p17, p18, p19, 19K, metablastin, oncoprotein 18, LAP 18 and Op18, is a 19 kDa cytosolic protein. It was the first discovered member of a family of phylogenetically related microtubule-destabilizing phosphoproteins critically involved in the construction and function of the mitotic spindle. A threshold level of STMN1 is required for orderly progression through mitosis in a variety of cell types. STMN1 is overexpressed across a broad range of human malignancies (leukemia, lymphoma, neuroblastoma; ovarian, prostatic, breast and lung cancers and mesothelioma). It is also upregulated in normally proliferating cell lines but is only rarely upregulated in nonproliferating cell lines with the exception of neurons, anterior pituitary cells and glial cells. Its expression is also upregulated in hepatocytes during regeneration and in lymphoid cells when they are signaled to proliferate. In this review, we summarize available data as rationale for the therapeutic manipulation of STMN1 in cancer patients.