Immunotherapy combined with antiangiogenic agents in patients with advanced malignant pleural mesothelioma: A case report

World Journal of Clinical Cases 2022 August 16 [Link]

Tian-Tian Xuan, Guang-Yi Li, Si-Bo Meng, Zhan-Mei Wang, Lin-Li Qu


Background: Malignant pleural mesothelioma has limited therapeutic options and a poor outcome. Antiangiogenic agents might increase the efficacy of immunotherapy as second-line treatment of advanced-stage malignancies.

Case summary: A patient with stage IIIB pleural mesothelioma received second-line treatment with a combination of pembrolizumab, bevacizumab and chemotherapy following standard chemotherapy under the guidance of second-generation sequencing. He achieved a partial response after four cycles of treatment with progression-free survival of 5 mo. Pembrolizumab was suspended due to grade 2 immunerelated pneumonia, which was resolved by oral glucocorticoids. However, disease progression was observed after immunotherapy rechallenge and anlotinib therapy. The patient had disease progression, multiorgan dysfuntion and died suddenly in October 2019.

Conclusion: The combination of immune checkpoint inhibitor, anti-angiogenic agents and chemotherapy showed effective response for advanced pleural mesothelioma, but with adverse reactions.