Endoscopic ultrasound-guided fine-needle aspiration from ascites and peritoneal nodules: A scoping review

Endoscopic Ultrasound 2017 November-December [Link]

Sharma V, Rana SS, Ahmed SU, Guleria S, Sharma R, Gupta R


The peritoneum is involved in many diseases such as primary malignancy (mesothelioma), infectious disease (tuberculosis), and disseminated malignancy (peritoneal carcinomatosis). The peritoneal disease may manifest as ascites and/or peritoneal masses or nodules. Endoscopic ultrasound (EUS), due to its ability to provide high-resolution images, has revolutionized the imaging and diagnosis of pancreaticobiliary diseases among other gastrointestinal conditions. EUS can not only help in imaging of various lesions close to the gastrointestinal lumen but also aspirate/biopsy them. We conducted a systematic search to identify published literature on the value of EUS in detection and diagnosis of peritoneal disorders. This review aims to summarize the available literature on the use of EUS-guided paracentesis and fine-needle aspiration from peritoneal nodules.