New Solutions: A Journal of Environmental and Occupational Health Policy . 2008;18(3):361-73. [Link]

LaMontagne AD, Hunter CE, Vallance D, Holloway AJ.

McCaughey Centre: VicHealth Centre for the Promotion of Mental Health and Community Wellbeing, School of Population Health, University of Melbourne, 207 Bouverie Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3010, Australia.


This article provides an overview and analysis of recent developments in policy and practice in relation to asbestos disease in Australia. It complements three other concurrent publications in this issue representing important contributions of people and organizations toward addressing the health and social impacts of Australia’s asbestos disease epidemic. The campaign to “Make James Hardie Pay” as well as the efforts of workers and advocates are profiled in this article as well as in this issue’s Documents and Voices sections. Discussion of recent developments in asbestos-related disease research and mesothelioma surveillance is followed by articulation of the comprehensive public and social health response that is needed to fully engage and address the asbestos disease legacy and to apply lessons learned to help revive the currently waning societal commitment to occupational health and safety in Australia and elsewhere.