Time-course RNAseq data of murine AB1 mesothelioma and Renca renal cancer following immune checkpoint therapy

Scientific Data 2024 May 3 [Link]

Wee Loong Chin, Rachael M Zemek, Caitlin M Tilsed, Alistair R R Forrest, Vanessa S Fear, Catherine Forbes, Louis Boon, Anthony Bosco, Belinda B Guo, Michael J Millward, Anna K Nowak, Richard A Lake, W Joost Lesterhuis, Timo Lassmann


Time-critical transcriptional events in the immune microenvironment are important for response to immune checkpoint blockade (ICB), yet these events are difficult to characterise and remain incompletely understood. Here, we present whole tumor RNA sequencing data in the context of treatment with ICB in murine models of AB1 mesothelioma and Renca renal cell cancer. We sequenced 144 bulk RNAseq samples from these two cancer types across 4 time points prior and after treatment with ICB. We also performed single-cell sequencing on 12 samples of AB1 and Renca tumors an hour before ICB administration. Our samples were equally distributed between responders and non-responders to treatment. Additionally, we sequenced AB1-HA mesothelioma tumors treated with two sample dissociation protocols to assess the impact of these protocols on the quality transcriptional information in our samples. These datasets provide time-course information to transcriptionally characterize the ICB response and provide detailed information at the single-cell level of the early tumor microenvironment prior to ICB therapy.