Well-differentiated Papillary Mesothelial Tumour of the Tunica Vaginalis Testis – A Rare Lesion, but one Pathologists Should Know About Two Patient Reports and a Review of the Literature

International Journal of Surgical Pathology 2023 January 9 [Link]

Johannes Kläger, Felicitas Oberndorfer, Cristophe Brunel, Julian Veser, Eva Compérat


Besides malignant mesothelioma, benign mesothelial neoplasms do exist in the tunica vaginalis testis. However, histological criteria remain controversial, thus leading to diagnostic uncertainty and difficulty in their classification according to their biological behavior. In recent years, molecular markers have emerged that aid in the differentiation of benign and malignant mesothelial proliferations throughout the body. Here, we present two middle-aged men with well-differentiated papillary mesothelial tumors and a review of the literature. By now, more than a year after surgery, one patient showed no recurrence of disease after partial or complete orchiectomy without further treatment, for the second no information is available. In conclusion, well-differentiated papillary mesothelial tumors represent rare lesions in the tunica vaginalis testis, but one pathologists should know about to prevent unnecessary treatment and suffering of patients.