Recommendations for the Diagnosis and Management of Asbestos-Related Pleural and Pulmonary Disease

Archivos de Bronconeumologia 2017 March 6 [Epub ahead of print] [Link]

Diego Roza C, Cruz Carmona MJ, Fernández Álvarez R, Ferrer Sancho J, Marín Martínez B, Martínez González C, Rodríguez Portal JA, Romero Valero F, Villena Garrido V


Asbestos is the term used for a set of mineral silicates that tend to break up into fibers. Its use has been associated with numerous diseases affecting the lung and pleura in particular, all of which are characterized by their long period of latency. Asbestos, moreover, has been recognized by the WHO as a Group IA carcinogen since 1987 and its use was banned in Spain in 2002. The publication in 2013 of the 3rd edition of the specific asbestos health monitoring protocol, together with the development of new diagnostic techniques, prompted the SEPAR EROM group to sponsor publication of guidelines, which review the clinical, radiological and functional aspects of the different asbestos-related diseases. Recommendations have also been made for the diagnosis and follow-up of exposed patients. These recommendations were drawn up in accordance with the GRADE classification system.