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Ribonucleases as a Novel Pro-Apoptotic Anticancer Strategy: Review of the Preclinical and Clinical Data for Ranpirnase

Cancer Investigation. 2005;23(7):643-650. [Link] Costanzi J, Sidransky D, Navon A, Goldsweig H. Lone Star Oncology, Lone Star Oncology, Austin, Texas, USA. Abstract Cytotoxic ribonucleases (RNases), such as ranpiranase, represent a novel mechanism-based approach to anticancer therapy. These relatively small proteins selectively attack malignant cells, triggering apoptotic response and inhibiting protein synthesis. Ranpirnase, originally isolated from […]

Mesothelioma: treatment and survival of a patient population and review of the literature

Anticancer Research. 2005 Sep-Oct;25(5):3671-6. [Link] Stathopoulos J, Antoniou D, Stathopoulos GP, Rigatos SK, Dimitroulis J, Koutandos J, Michalopoulou P, Athanasiades A, Veslemes M. SOLCA Study Group and First Department of Medical Oncology, Errikos Dunant Hospital, Athens, Greece. Abstract Background: Our purpose was to evaluate the survival of patients with pleural and intraperitoneal malignant mesothelioma […]